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Learn how she launched her skincare studio in a span of three months amidst a worldwide pandemic!

Our guest specializes in corrective treatments such as acne, aging, pigmentation, and scarring. They offer several treatments that are exclusive to their studio in East Tennessee such as the Facial Infusion and Super Protein Lift. She is proud that amidst a worldwide pandemic, they opened it’s doors in June of 2020 within a 3-month span she went from being an employee, being laid off, to launching East Tennessee’s first luxury skincare boutique. Despite the pandemic, it has become a thriving skincare studio offering exclusive services and products to the Tennessee area. Her superpower is doing face masking while binging the Housewives. If it were an Olympic sport she would be a gold medalist!

Learn how her abundance mindset helped her journey to the success of her business!

Our guest specializes in treating acne and helping people gain their confidence back. Their goal is to help clients love their selfies, wear less makeup, use fewer filters, and feel confident in public! She is proud that she has found the perfect TEAM and she would NOT be able to do what they have done by herself which is running a clinic, having an online presence, private labeling, and creating online courses. Her superpower is determination! They get stuff done and take massive action to make it happen!

Learn the process of multi-level marketing company and how can you apply it to your own business!

Our guest is a little different than our typical guests on our show. She offers vegan, cruelty-free luxury hair, and skincare products as part of a multi-level marketing company. She’s going to give us the inside scope on marketing products, what it’s like being part of it, the benefits, and negatives of it. She is proud of seeing her business grow over time. Her superpower is running her beauty business while working a full-time job!

Learn how they combined master esthetics and law enforcement to help estheticians make money!

Our guests combined the master esthetics and law enforcement to help estheticians make money and keep their clients by transforming business practices! He’s a police officer, the inspiration, and the personality! While she is a licensed master esthetician/licensed esthetics instructor who has been in the trenches of being a solo esty and loves to connect and educate!

They are proud that they’ve worked with hundreds of beauty professionals to not only improve their businesses and profits, but also to increase their self-worth, empowerment, and confidence.

Learn how she is able to help beauty practitioners launch and grow their business!

Our guest helps beauty practitioners launch and grow their business. She is proud of building a successful six-figure beauty business from the ground up (bootstrap style!). Her superpower is creating systems in her business that simplify her workflow so she can work smarter not harder.

Learn how she managed to balance her personal & professional life!

Our guest wants everyone to feel confident in their skin. So they offer luxury skincare services at affordable prices. She’s proud of building a successful business even though she has gone through some tough times of having an abusive family and marriage. She’s now 15 years into her business through mainly by word of mouth as her marketing. Her superpower is balancing her personal & professional life by saying no to what doesn’t benefit her.