Business of Beauty


Episode 41: Brittany Angelica at CannaBSpa

Learn How She Built Everything From The Ground Up With Her All CBD/Hemp Infused Treatment Spa & CBD Store!

Hosted by: David Lee

Show Notes:

Our guest owns an all CBD/Hemp infused treatment spa & CBD Store. They offer facials, massages, skin care treatments for men and women. She is proud that her spa is the first all cannabis in Atlanta, Georgia. Her superpower is building everything from the ground up with her business, From the branding to the interior design of her loft. Her company was just an idea in Oct 2019 and by Feb 2020, her business was up and running.

You’ll learn:

  • How she was able to start her business.
  • What she did when her store was forced to close because of the pandemic.
  • An in depth discussion about CBD/Hemp and how she implements it on her business.
  • The process of how she started her Business.
  • How she was able to sell her products online.


Beauty Business Info: Business of Beauty – Episode 44

Our guest creates beauty illustrations and graphics that document the experiences she has as a young multi ethnic, curly-haired woman trying out different beauty products. This also allows her to showcase small businesses as well. She is proud that she has created a little community among her small but mighty follower count. Others with a similar skin tone, skin type, or hair type can get recommendations based on the products she tries, which is something she looks for in other’s beauty Instagram accounts. Her superpower is taking an abstract concept and visually conveying it in a beautiful or aesthetically pleasing way.

Beauty Business Info: Business of Beauty – Episode 43

Our guest offer business solutions and branding services for creatives with a specific focus on beauty. In addition to assisting pros build essential elements of their business, she is proud that she has been working behind the scenes to launch a beauty app called "My Beauty Kit". The app allows consumers to scan and save their health and beauty faves which encourages repeat business for the brands that they love. Her superpower is having the ability to turn ideas into measurable action steps and offer business solutions that support these actions.

Beauty Business Info: Business of Beauty – Episode 42

Our guest is a little different than our typical beauty entrepreneur. She works with leaders who feel overworked and exhausted to find that sense of peace and freedom they desire and as a result, they learn how to deepen their spiritual connection and implement key tools so that they can experience more free time, efficiency, and prosperity. She is proud that she has helped HUNDREDS of professionals around the United States (and beyond) to find what uniquely works to manage their stress. Also - being featured in media outlets such as Parade, FOX 29, Good Day Philadelphia, The Maui News, and Wholly Magazine. Her superpower is going beyond mainstream stress management tactics and techniques to help professionals figure out what uniquely works for them to manage stress.