Business of Beauty


Episode 34: Frankie Banaag at Independent Partner - Monat Global

Learn The Process Of Multi-level Marketing Company And How Can You Apply It To Your Own Business!

Hosted by: David Lee

Show Notes:

Our guest is a little different than our typical guests on our show. She offers vegan, cruelty-free luxury hair, and skincare products as part of a multi-level marketing company. She's going to give us the inside scope on marketing products, what it's like being part of it, the benefits, and negatives of it. She is proud of seeing her business grow over time. Her superpower is running her beauty business while working a full-time job!

You’ll learn:

  • How she discovered her independent partner
  • What made her the big shift to be part of the company
  • The structure, process and how does multi-level marketing company works
  • How can you apply MLM structure in your business
  • Pros and Cons of being part of MLM
  • How does she market her products
  • Tips and tricks to market her products
  • Her recommendations for beauty entrepreneurs on expanding their business like MLM structure
  • Her plans for the future of her business


Beauty Business Info: Business of Beauty – Episode 48

Our guest offers legal services and consultancy solely for businesses in the beauty/cosmetic industry. She is proud that they are the foremost and only beauty/cosmetic legal specialist in Africa. Her superpower is running a full-time master's program in law in one state and ensuring her firm is fully operational in another state.

Beauty Business Info: Business of Beauty – Episode 47

Our guest help hair, beauty, and wellness brands visually communicate their unique genius so they feel proud and clear showcasing their growing empire. She is proud that they have transformed over 500+ brands. Her superpower is injected into the DNA of Digital Bloom, her work is fueled by her genuine love for transforming the way business owners see their brand. From supporting start-up seedlings navigate their branding confidence, breathing fresh new strategies into blossoming brands to being the creative brain behind some of the industry’s hero brand glow ups.

Beauty Business Info: Business of Beauty – Episode 46

Our guest is a business coach for the hair and beauty industry, he teaches a lot about prioritizing sales and marketing in their business and the incredible benefits this can have, especially coming out of COVID restrictions. They are the only company in the world in this industry that delivers fully paid clients to salons with no out of pocket costs! They handle all the marketing and sales for their clients so that they have more time to deliver incredible services for their clients. He is proud that in just 3 weeks, they made a single salon over $56,000 in sales - that's 113 new clients and over 670 new bookings for their business. Total, his business has now made over $2.5 million in sales for salons across Australia and the world. His superpower might be a strange one, but he'd say his superpower is the ability to quickly analyze a business and isolate the real problem they're facing. For example, he could spend 5 minutes talking to a salon owner about their problems and then zero in on what the real issue facing their business actually is.